Enterprise Kungfu 101 – never respond to Microsoft’s bait

Hey people, a little corporate education here.

When the marketing team of your competitor goes after your company with a funny video like this:


The best strategy is not to respond with statements that are called “optimistic” at best and “ludicrous and childish” at worst.

Generally acknowledged as a response to the video above, VMware’s CEO (and ex-Softie) Paul Maritz took to the stage at VMware’s VMworld conference in Las Vegas and unloaded on Microsoft and the future of PCs.

Here’s what he allegedly said:

What we’re seeing in the cloud era is not just hundreds of millions but billions of new users and devices now coming into play. Three years ago over 95 percent of the devices connected to the Internet were personal computers. Three years from now that number will probably be less than 20 percent. More than 80 percent of the devices connected to the Internet will not be Windows-based personal computers.

That’s just silly.

Windows 7 is probably going to be at 55o million to 600 million licenses by year end and people still are refusing to get off of XP and he makes this prediction?

Yes tablets and other devices will compete with the desktop and yes the desktop will lose some ground to tablets etc but the hyperbole is a little much. Especially since it wasn’t exactly backed up by any specific data that would validate that thinking.

The personal PC’s reign may be coming to an end but the timing of the message and the messenger just aren’t credible in this case…

  • Rodney Jenkins

    That video is pretty funny..I’d be pissed too…

  • http://www.facebook.com/martin.zugec Martin Zugec

    Windows 8 – cloud era? 🙂