Ericsson Head Also Has Shot At Replacing Steve Ballmer At Microsoft

Ericsson is one technology company that has had a rather colorful history. A company with rich accomplishments in telecommunication for almost a hundred years, Ericsson spent the past decade or so in relative wilderness.

But under the leadership and guidance of company President and CEO Hans Vestberg, the company broke away from its joint venture with Sony and has started charting a new direction.

And now that same Vestberg is under Redmond’s radar to replace Steve Ballmer.

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is still evaluating all options when it comes to the choice of a new CEO, and while internal candidates are very much in the mix, another important name has recently been added to the list of candidates.

The report does not reveal whether Vestberg has had a formal meeting with Microsoft officials in this regard, but if there is truth to the story, then a meet up is not far away.

Hans, 48, has been with Ericsson for about 25 years now — and he brings experience, alright.

Satya Nadella is still considered a frontrunner for the hot seat along with fellow internals like strategy and evangelist lead Tony Bates and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. People close to the matter, however, indicate that Nadella has the biggest chances right now to take over from Ballmer.

Microsoft and Ericsson, both, are yet to comment on this story.