I guess this is what you get when you claim to be a company that really cares about the privacy of its users. Microsoft has just been asked by privacy watchdogs in European Union to make some tweaks to its products.

It is nothing major — in fact these are clearly minor privacy issues.

Bloomberg is carrying a report that the EU has gotten in touch with Redmond over some privacy issues that they saw in Outlook.com and the Bing search engine.

No specifics have been provided in this regard, however. But it seems that the EU regulators want the company to improve its policies. Gerard Lommel, head of the Luxemburg regulator is in fact very confident that an agreement will soon be found in the very near future.

Microsoft, for its part, is ready and willing to work on any feedback it receives from the EU. A spokesperson for the company, Robin Koch, was said in a statement:

“Strong commitment to privacy is a key differentiator for Microsoft so we’ll always carefully review any feedback we receive.”

Privacy and user confidentiality has always been a key consideration in the technology world almost since the very beginning. But recent global events have brought this topic squarely in the spotlight.

Anyway, as far as this report is concerned, no clear details are available as of right now. Having said that, EU regulators are now taking steps to make privacy policies more effective — particularly for online services — and what kind of transparent cooperation they get from Microsoft will soon be evident.

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