Redmond, it seems, will soon get the go-ahead for the Nokia deal from the antitrust body in the European Union. Which means that the deal could be on track for completion in early 2014, as planned.

Reuters in its new report claims, citing sources close to the matter, that the EU regulatory body has gone through the specifics of the deal, and is ready to give the okay — without conditions.

The European antitrust regulators had initially set a deadline of December 4 for a decision, and judging by how things are going we should hear an official announcement on this in the next couple of weeks. Microsoft has quite a history with the EU regulators, so this development is good news for the company.

And considering the fact that countries like Russia, India and Turkey have already agreed with the deal, Microsoft should be one step closer to finalizing the takeover if it gets the thumbs up from EU.

The technology titan announced the takeover of Nokia’s devices and services business back in September, in a deal around the sum of $7.3 billion. Redmond claims such a move is part of its grander scheme of migrating towards a devices and services firm.

Nokia shareholders recently gave their green light to the deal that is expected to be finalized early 2014.

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