Either Microsoft is doing something right, or other companies are doing it wrong. Probably a bit of both. Sony is the newest technology titan that has outright copied the Modern UI.

Or Metro, for the purists among you — crazy copyrights be darned.

So the story is that the user interface Redmond introduced, and was criticized for back in October 2012, is now being used by companies like Google, Samsung and Sony, along with all those white label Chinese vendors. Even kiddie tablets are using tile based interfaces.

Apple, then, is the only lone wolf not on the Metro train, apparently.

Anyway, as you can see in the image above, our friendly neighborhood Japanese technology giant has basically copied the Windows 8 Start Screen design.

Some of the newer Sony devices that were unveiled at IFA 2014, with a lot of fanfare, wore this interface. The Android powered Xperia Z3 tablet, pictured above, comes with a screen that looks very similar to the one on Microsoft’s modern operating platform.

Though it must be said that it’s probably not as colorful.

As this report notes, this probably is part of a strategy from Sony to suggest that their Android device is as powerful (or as productive) as a Windows based tablet. Probably not going to work, either.

Regardless, the flat design style introduced with Windows 8 is now coming full circle.

The world now awaits the charms Windows 9 brings around.

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  • Malachi Jubb

    Tablet? Or is that the Ultra?

  • busybee

    It’s a nice layout despite the naysayers! This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest!!

  • Bill Franklin

    That does look similar, but most desktops do. Based off the screenshot though, it looks like Windows did it better.

  • WillyThePooh

    Looks complicated to have both icons and live tiles on the same desktop.

  • Ray C

    Yeah remember no one wants or would implement anything like Metro but Microsoft. Isn’t that what everyone said?