In December of 2011, Microsoft declared that CES 2012 would be its last. Now CES 2013 is rolling around. The event will take place from January 8th to the 11th.

What does this mean for Microsoft products and for businesses that are curious about what new Windows-related products and apps will surface? Not a whole lot of change really.

While Google and Apple have never been on the floor for CES, Apple accessories and Android-based smartphones have been widely present at these special shows. The same kind of situation will likely exist for Microsoft hardware and accessor partners.

We might not be seeing Microsoft exclusive products like the Surface Pro, but we will see tons of tablets, smartphones and other goodies that might be related to Microsoft tech.

Last year’s CES show from Microsoft wasn’t exactly that exciting anyhow, so we really aren’t missing all that much. What Microsoft related stuff do we know is coming for sure?

We know that Zinio plans to demo a Windows 8 app regarding its digital magazine reader software. We also know that there are plenty of touch ultrabooks and convertible devices confirmed to be making appearances. There is even a new Windows 8 app for Dragon Assistant that will bring powerful Siri-like abilities over to Windows 8 and RT devices.

Generally speaking, Intel’s booth is always full of interesting Windows-related tablets, ultrabooks and more. This year will likely be the same as always.

If you are a business trying to evaluate future Windows-related trends, or simply a consumer or home business owner interested in the future of accessories, apps and hardware using or relating to Windows technology, you will still find plenty to enjoy by checking out the news related to the show.

Microsoft might not be participating in this year’s show, but all your favorite MS partners are, so stay tuned to Windows 8 Enterprise for any business-related hardware/accessory announcements that come out of the event.

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