Almost everyone, that is. This is according to a new report that confirms that the next version of Windows is in development, whether that is the second update for Windows 8.1 or Windows 9.

Microsoft have not talked much about these upcoming products, but according to this recent report published in the Seattle Times, all of the company’s engineering teams have been tasked to participate in the project.

The reason being simple enough — Redmond wants the next release of Windows to be an absolute hit.

And while this has also got a lot to do with the companywide reorganization plan that was set in motion when Steve Ballmer was the CEO, fact is that things are much more streamlined now with internal divisions working with each other much more.

This is, according to David Treadwell, the corporate vice president of the operating systems group:

“Before, there was a Windows team, a Windows Phone team, an Xbox team. While there was general agreement of the value of (having a) common core and consistency of design, there were organizational lines that we had to cross to achieve that. There just aren’t these barriers now.”

No official word, obviously, on what this next version of Windows is the next full refresh, Windows 9, but all signs point to this fact.

Exciting news, nevertheless, but we should find out more soon.

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  1. Fantastic. I expect Windows 9 to be the best system yet. They’re clearly committed to it, so I expect nothing less than great,

  2. Looking forward to whatever the company does

  3. I actually enjoy Windows 8.1 (even on desktop), so whatever Microsoft ships next I will be impressed.

  4. It has been said that Windows has a curse, that versions in the multiples of 3 are disasters. Windows 3, 6 (Vista). Who knows what will be up with 9…

    But superstitions aside, 9 sounds extremely exciting.

  5. I know in the past that when Microsoft released a disastor…it was always followed by something that was great. But i think windows 9 will break that tradition and i am not feeling completely optimistic about windows 9. I am expecting a lot of compromise and issues this time. It should be better than Vista or Windows 8 but that is the most confident that I can be at this point.

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