Everywhere I go, I see Windows 8

This is great. I’m starting to see those Microsoft marketing dollars at work.

At the Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, California, I came across this large ass banner.

It reminds me of the Microsoft Surface banner at the Glendale Galleria.

On this point, good job Microsoft/Dell Marketing!

If you see any interesting Windows 8 banners while you’re out and about, take a picture and send them to us.


  • James Guru

    Windows 8 is the new hype. Its pretty and colorful. Its also finally got touch working the way it should have on Vista. Its faster, maybe because its new.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mindtrick27 Aaron MacIntyre

      It passes windows 7 on several benchmark tests, so It’s for sure a step forward. Which is a nice change comparing to the windows 98, windows ME, and windows vista releases. I think this might be the first time Microsoft managed to make 2 decent operating systems in a row. Even 95 wasn’t that shit hot when it came out, losing a lot of compatibility of quite a few DOS programs.

      • James Guru

        Agree, though the windows 7 is not that old. Many companies had just finished upgrading to Win 7, and would cost them another set if they upgrade to Win8 soon. Nevertheless, I guess many people will love the new features.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenton.klassen Brenton Klassen

    I’ve been seeing lots of ads on TV. Windows 8 looks great!