While the technology world, at least the Windows Phone part of it, is salivating over the release of Windows Phone 8.1, some new hints reveal the next frontier for Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Well, just the name reference for now, but it is intriguing enough.

Windows Phone 8.5 has been found deep within code by a developer that shows that Redmond has already started initial planning for the next version of Windows Phone, after Windows Phone Blue.

The tooltip, as can be seen in the image above, appears in the emulator that the developer is using to develop and test an application for Windows Phone 8.1.

And it mentions something about TimeMe secondary Live Tiles may be altered or unavailable for release after Windows Phone 8.5, indicating that Microsoft plans to change this screen in the future.

Sure a simple mention does not mean much in the grand scheme of things — particularly when previous rumors have claimed that the company plans to develop Windows Phone 9 after this, but there you go. Windows Phone 8.5 is not entirely unexpected, considering Windows Phone 7.5 came before it.

Additionally, another screenshot uploaded by the developer shows that Windows Phone 8.1 will support 1 minute Live Tile updates, as opposed to the 30 minute updates that are currently used.

So there you have it, people — a bona fide information overload.

Let’s just file this as a rumor and be done with it. The world is waiting for Windows Phone 8.1, and if Windows Phone 8.5 is to be a reality, we will surely hear more about it later in the year.

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  1. Since Windows Phone 8.1 already has Cortana I can definitely see them working on a Windows Phone 8.5 release that will primarily focus on unification of the app model & store with Windows 9. Why wouldn’t they just call it Windows Phone 9? Its a good question. Maybe 8.5 was just an old reference before they made up their minds on version numbers. Or maybe, they worry carriers would be reluctant & block a major release upgrade. I believe it is the later.

  2. Looking forward to finding out more about this

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