Most of you already know the deal. Microsoft will soon stop providing updates for Windows XP, and regularly urges users and businesses to upgrade from the old operating system to a newer one.

Ryan O’Hara, the founder of Sphinx Technology Solutions believes that it does not make sense to keep using Windows XP as an unpatched system like this is akin to an open invitation to hackers and cybercriminals.

Talking to PressAndGuide, the expert explained:

“When Microsoft ends its support for Windows XP next year, there’s a potentially much greater risk for small businesses and individuals, because there’s not the same level of awareness, and many smaller companies do not have in-house IT support.

Given security risks of keeping an unsecure operating system online, there are additional steps that need to be taken in order to keep other systems safe and secure.”

Microsoft obviously hopes that everybody, from end users to businesses and organizations will get the message sooner rather than later. The software titan is obviously pleased with the overall amount of Windows 8 licenses sold up until now.

Nevertheless, while it appears that while most commercial users bought these licenses at special promotional prices, they are taking their time to deploy them, as evident from the overall market share of Windows 8.

The upcoming Windows Blue refresh of the OS is, however, coming at the perfect time not just for Microsoft but users too, as they can take this opportunity to plan their upgrade from Windows XP.

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