Wind back the clocks by a few months, and Windows XP support was the talk of the town. Users, businesses and organizations all wanted an extension for the classic operating system.

That is to say, another extension.

Microsoft had already conceded on the demand for extending the Windows XP end of support date, but this time around the company stayed firm on the retirement. The plug was pulled this April, some two years after the original end of support date that was planned for this platform.

Windows 7 is about to go into the same phase soon, and if you’re expecting Redmond to budge here, and extend the support date for the world’s most popular operating system, then prepared to be disappointed.

The software titan is staying firm.

In fact, the company itself admitted that extending Windows XP support was a big mistake, as it only resulted in user delaying the transition to a new operating system.

Many were lulled into the false sense of security that another extension could be announced.

That didn’t happen, though even as a retired OS Windows XP still commands a legion of users, and could take years before it completely disappears from the market. Point being, Microsoft has no intention of making the same mistake again.

Not when Windows 7 is installed on more than 50% of the world’s computers, desktops and laptops.

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