Great catch from Tom Warren at the Verge.

It seems as if Facebook has gone ahead and released their new Facebook app for Windows 8.1.

From The Verge:

The app looks just like what you’d expect from a Facebook app, with status, photo, and check in tabs alongside the chat interface that’s pinned to the right-hand side. Facebook has added the friend request, inbox, and notification counters to the very top right with touch-friendly buttons. There’s also a side pane on the left that provides quick access to the news feed, messages, events, friends, and more.

Facebook has also built in Share Charm support, allowing you to automatically attach the photo you’re viewing into an Email. Like many other Windows 8.1 apps, there’s also built-in search functionality. Although Facebook has built a number of Snap Views for this app, it has not enabled the smallest option so you can only snap nearly 40 percent of the app window.

Apparently it’s currently listed as a Windows 8 application but seems to be ready only for Windows 8.1.

I was a really big critic of Facebook’s indifference to Windows 8 and even now this release seems very casual and Laissez Faire for them.

What about you guys? Do you plan to head out and use Facebook?

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  1. I’m going to check it out. I admit none of the Windows 8 Facebook apps were that good. Then again the iOs one isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either, but going to is a worse alternative.

  2. I’d call it good for the first day of release, but I’ve used the Android app. It has the exact same problems that keep me going back to the web. It leaves out posts, puts what it does show in a stupid order, and lacks editing abilities. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Facebook isn’t capable of making a decent mobile app. Even their mobile web site sucks pretty bad. I can use the desktop site without Social Fixer, but I prefer not to. I’ll admit it. I hate Facebook. I only use it because I can’t get everyone else to move to Google+. They could make a decent app and I would admit it, but they haven’t yet.

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