One particular question that popped up when Facebook released its app for Windows 8.1 was whether the social network would update it regularly, adding new features and optimizing current ones.

Well, I guess the answer to this one is a resounding yes.

The application launched around the same time as Windows 8.1, and wasted no time in becoming the top free app on the Windows Store. But more importantly, since then, company has already rolled out a couple of updates to the popular app bringing several improvements.

And now the development team behind the app have done its magic once again.

A new version was released today that incorporates a number of new features along with the regular dose of bug fixes. The change log on the Windows Store page reveals that the Metro app now finally supports tagging.

Users can also download and upload files and photos from Facebook messages with this new version, and there is way to set up cover and profile images directly from within the application.

There is also an option to quickly upload pictures to specific albums, along with some notable enhancements to Live Tiles — there is now a way to add a secondary tile that once tapped (or clicked) takes users directly to Facebook messages. Handy!

This is clearly a major update to the app, and you can find it on the Windows Store here.

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  • Ray C

    just updated mine. I’m still missing some features I have on other platforms