Bing is on the richly deserved position of the second most used online search engine in the United States and Europe with some 20% of the market, behind Google, of course.

But Microsoft’s search solution took a bit of a hit recently, as social networking giant Facebook has opted to no longer show Bing search results — instead the company has implemented its own solution that allows users to search for past comment and posts of their friends and contacts.

By and large a blow to Redmond, as the company had gradually improved its search service and by that token its market share in the search industry.

Redmond is yet to comment on this new direction that Facebook recently embraced. The search engine giant, on the other hand, has explained that it is important for users to more accurately find content they share on the social network.

However, the deal with Microsoft will go on in other areas, the company confirmed.

Facebook and Microsoft signed this deal in 2010, joining forces to power social network searches in October of that year. The social network implemented Bing search technology to display friend recommendations, in order for users to find old friends and connect with new ones.

It still may be the only logical rival to Google in traditional search, but this is still a step backward for Redmond. Microsoft is sure to reconsider its search strategy in the near future.

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