Facebook Is In No Hurry To Release A Windows 8 App

Why so serious?

If Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight movie ever found a way to real life, he’d have nothing to say but the phrase above.

Microsoft has offered plenty of incentives to app developers — larger revenue splits than both Google and Apple, backed by a billion dollar advertising campaign for its new platform — but a lot of big name developers are yet to release (or at the very least announce) development for Windows 8.

One would think that after the release of Windows 8 and wide availability of Microsoft’s Surface tablets, as large an entity as Facebook may already be hard at work on creating a dedicated Windows 8 app.

But apparently Facebook are playing hard to catch again. The company said that they are not currently working on a Windows 8 app.

AdAge reports that they have not ruled it out completely (who does?), but an official Facebook application nevertheless remains a glaring omission in the Windows Store. A Facebook spokesman said in a statement:

“We are constantly evaluating our strategy for supporting new platforms … as the market and consumer adoption evolves”.


Sure there may not be enough Surface tablets (and a large enough Windows RT user base), but no harm in starting early, eh? Microsoft is reportedly set to move over a million Surface tablets in the first quarter, and this is no way to leave such a large amount of users in the dark.

Speaking of early, Microsoft was one of the first investors in Facebook when it invested $240 million for a 1.6% stake in the fledging social network back in 2007.

Don’t know about you guys, but I sure would love to cruise Facebook on an official Modern interface application on Windows 8, sooner rather than later. The keyword being official — as a few Facebook aps are already available on the Window Store, and more popping up regularly.

At least there still remains hope — and that’s the best thing in this ordeal.

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