There never is a shortage of grim predictions in the technology world, it seems. You can hear the opinions of doomsayers and naysayers at regular intervals, particularly when it comes to the future of companies.

Karsten Gerloff, the president of the Free Software Foundation Europe is of the view that unless the technology titans reinvent themselves, most are going to disappear in the near future.

The list includes companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

In a press release, Gerloff says that customers are products for social networks and companies like Google. He criticized these corporations for stealing user information, saying:

“We give them more than data, we give them our confidence because we think that will protect our privacy. Facebook defines who we are. Amazon provides what we want and Google determines what we think.”

The president of FSFE lambasted the companies that are involved in the recent NSA scandal, claiming that they have risen above control structure. However, he believes that the future of these companies is anything but bright — unless they change certain things:

“If Google wants to survive on the long term, it will have to reinvent itself. Microsoft has not done so, so I think it will go away in five or ten years.”

He also estimates that Facebook will also go downhill fast, and the world’s largest social network will disappear in the next three years, similar to what happened to MySpace.

Severe as they seem, these obviously are the views of an organization that aims to promote freedom in the information society. Ultimately, it will be the end users and the companies themselves that will have the final say in how they survive (and thrive) in upcoming future.

What do you guys think? Do these large technology companies have an optimistic future if they keep going on the track they are currently on, or are changes vital for survival? Do comment.

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  • Keith D. Mitchell

    Who makes these predictions, cause they are really off the mark. Facebook won’t die it will simply change. Microsoft dead in 10 years? On what basis? You think Linux can take over on everyone’s desktop?

    • mjh49783ab

      I believe Facebook will certainly go the way of MySpace, unless they start taking serious action to preserve their own relevance and grow. They haven’t really done anything new and creative that I’ve seen since their IPO. I’m also speaking as an ex-Facebook subscriber as well.

      Also, with Linux running Google’s Android, perhaps the most popular mobile OS platform on the market, does Linux really need to take over the desktop anymore? That is why I believe Google will stay around as a strong force as long as they don’t grow complacent like Microsoft.

      Speaking of Microsoft, even they know that their sun is setting on their desktop, and office suite dominance at this point, but they might still be able to survive in some form or another.

  • Dustin Refos

    Profit, cash flow and clear vision on how to adapt to changes keeps a company alive. MySpace didn’t have that, Google, Facebook and Microsoft do. I still see Google and Facebook in the next 5 years. Microsoft should watch out though. Small changes in the way they move will keep them in.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yup, agreed. Facebook is one an uphill trend recently. MySpace, frankly was (and probably is) a mess, didn’t even bother to sign up at that website. Same for Google, though I do believe it will be cut down to size soon. Just like Apple.

      Microsoft is facing its own battles on a couple of fronts. But it is perhaps the only company that can take the fight to Google and live to tell the tale. Not to mention the cloud and enterprise advantage Redmond has over two of its fiercest rivals, Apple and Google.

  • Mike Greenway

    The “Free Software Foundation” sounds like an unbiased source to you? If this guy was really good at predictions, he could make a living from the stock market rather then working for a “Foundation”, he wouldn’t need to work at all if he could predict things ten days out. We do not know him as one of the worlds riches people so he can’t be good at prediction. The only question now is what is your motivation for repeating this worthless guess work?

    • Fahad Ali

      Oh, surely not unbiased, they have their own lens of user privacy and all that from where they view things. I guess it is the recent emphasis on user rights and privacy that has brought out these analysts to provide a new round of predictions.

      As for motivation, I thought that was evident enough. 😉 To report on the latest Microsoft news, both soothing and sever. Few would know about this guy’s views otherwise.

  • mjh49783ab

    I also believe that Facebook will likely be gone in about three years or so. Privacy concerns aside, Facebook just isn’t innovative anymore, and has mostly lost all sense of direction.

    Microsoft might survive if they learn to adapt in the changing landscape where the PC just isn’t the center of the universe anymore.

    As for Google, given the popularity of Android, as well as the services that they provide, frankly, to say that they’re going to go belly up is laughable at this point.

    While it is tempting to blame these companies when it properly applies, the main privacy concerns of note are due to the actions of the NSA.

    • Fahad Ali

      True, true. Though I am sure Microsoft will survive, not a case of might. Besides, the company will have new leadership (and probably a new direction) soon after Ballmer retires.

      That could also potentially shake things up in a better direction.

  • 1stkorean

    Microsoft gone in 10 years, that laughable.

    February 2nd, 2013
    Windows Running on Nearly 92% of All Computers Worldwide

    Jul 9th, 2012
    1 billion people worldwide now use Microsoft Office
    with these numbers MS is going to have to screw the pooch really bad to decline that rapidly. OS X & Linux suck and Android is kinda alright, so if MS disappears I guess so will the computing world as we know it.
    Facebook & Google I could care less if they disappeared today. I don’t use any social network site cuz they want way to much personal information.

  • Ray C

    So, the list includes Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. So, you’re telling us that the number 1 software company in the world and the number 1 provider of both phones and tablets will both be gone in a matter of years. I ask this question is Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all going to be gone who exactly is going to replace them? Is there some new company in the making that is going to replace companies each with over a decade or more of playing some of the biggest roles in technology? in 10 years the desktop might be gone, but the desktop being gone and Windows being gone are two different things. Even if desktops are gone, people will still be operating in a pseudo-desktop environment. The majority of people are not trying to got 100% tablet. People are still to want a monitor, heck more and more average pc users are getting used to multiple monitors each day. Some might even want a keyboard. Microsoft will be gone, but the same people predicting it’s demise are the ones who predicted that it will past Apple for No.2 in the near future for the smart phone market. You have businesses, government, and education. Too many people are invested more than 10 years in the success of the PC for a fully-functional OS for Windows to just disappear.
    As for Facebook, I think it’s possible they could be gone, but I don’t know about 3 years. At some point they will got the way of Myspace because honestly it was really a much better product when it first came out. It was much simpler and more about social-networking .Now it’s just a semi-Instagram and a place for everyone to advertise something .

  • Steve Miller

    So in ten years every Microsoft customer is going to migrate off of every Microsoft product they use to the cost of how many thousands (or millions) of dollars? Yeah, right. This only occurs in some *insert name here* fan boy’s dreams.

  • Chris Hughes

    Whoever made these predictions is certainly smoking crack!!! Facebook and Microsoft is not going anywhere!!! How about that prediction!!!

  • Damian Vansen

    Microsoft has 68 billion dollars in the bank. That is a lot of money to play around with. Plus, they have 90% of the PC OS market, they have tablets, they have a growing share of the smart phone OS market, they DOMINATE with MS Office, they have a thriving mouse/keyboard enterprise, they are doing well with XBOX, and doing well in other sectors as well. Of all of the sectors I mentioned only the tablet line may disappear in the next ten years. If they were like Blackberry losing talent and money to other companies and are going down in all sectors then that is one thing but Microsoft is massive and has its tentacles in all sectors and despite the trouble with Windows 8 and the tablets, their market share is slow growing, slow but growth none-the-less. Another sensational statement to get attention.