Fake Apps Continue To Land On The Windows Store

Fake Apps Continue To Land On The Windows Store

Ever wanted to try Mac OS for Windows? Care for some Candy Crush Saga PC? Or how about BBM PC? Even WhatsApp for Windows is available if you look hard enough. All fake, of course.

Things had comparatively improved from the all or nothing days of late 2012 and early 2013. The Windows Store was in its infancy, and pretty much all types of apps were accepted — as long as they ran in the Metro user interface of the operating system.

Then Microsoft went in for a cleanup job, and promised to rid fake and low quality apps from the repository. Many were removed. But it appears that another cleaning round may be in order.

All manners of fake spam is finding its way on the Windows Store these days, with apps like Mac OS for Windows, Candy Crush Saga PC, BBM PC and WhatsApp for Windows to name but a few.

And the sad thing is that several of these are paid applications.

The intention is clear — to make a quick buck from unsuspecting users that believe they are getting the real thing. Some do provide basic instructions, like installing the BlueStacks emulator and then download the Android APK file of WhatsApp, for instance.

But really, it is all about tricking users into buying and downloading.

Thing is, amateur apps are fine, spam apps are not. And this only affects the quality of the Windows 8.1 platform, the ecosystem. Not only do fake apps like this spoil the experience for users, who is to say more spammers will not join in?

Microsoft really has to act fast, and act hard here. Lay some solid rules. And stick to them.

  • Mary

    Are these from real developers who are registered or hackers? Either way Microsoft needs to be proactive here and remove these as soon as possible.

  • Ray C

    They need to keep going after these apps and the app developers. But this is another place where we meet a double-standard. People would be completely fine with Apple and Google having strict regulations around putting apps in their store, but they would criticize Microsoft for it.