Big old Steve. Even when he is out of his position at the very top of the technology world, he is in the news. This time, however, with no magic of his own. Well mostly.

You see, Steve Ballmer is not someone you would label as an avoid user of social networks. His successor, the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella is barely an improvement, having made a fleeting few appearances on Twitter, but at least his account is active. And official.

Steve Ballmer, however, even with being in charge of Redmond for 13 years, never posted much.

But as this report reveals, Twitter users were surprised to find that the former CEO had joined the party. Many followed him, thinking this really was the man.

This was the account that was registered, by the way, @MicrosoftSteve.

And yes, you guessed it right, this was a fake account, registered by a chap that goes by the name of Arturas Rosenbacher, who has the tendency of creating such false accounts in order to trick people that they are interacting with real people and famous celebrities.

The first tweet of this new account helped set the mood, with a selfie, of course:

“Thanks for having me @Twitter! Guess I’m supposed to start with a #selfie, right?”

So as I was saying, many people followed this account thinking they were following Steve Ballmer. But as the aforementioned report notes, the selfie posted in the picture actually belongs to another Microsoft employee, not Ballmer.

The latest on the matter is that Twitter has now suspended the account.

All’s well that ends in a well, I say.

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  1. How did this guy find this picture. Is it easily accessible online or did he hack into it? Also, is he going to get into any legal trouble or is there nothing they can do?

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