Famed Leaker @evleaks Calls It A Day, Announces Retirement

Now while opinions are divided on leakers, and the stuff they leak, there can be no argument that these leaks stir interest of users. More so when you consider just how secretive companies are these days in terms of sharing information.

At least for Microsoft, even when something is announced, it is usually closer to launch that we get the lowdown on a particular product — the rest is filled by leakers with their rumors and details.

And one of the most famous leakers in recent times is @evleaks.

Evan Blass, the force behind this account has leaked screenshots, press renders, names and codenames information and details, even launch dates of new smartphones, tablets and other gadgets and gizmos. Providing the technology world a look at them long before these devices go official.

But the journey is coming to an end two years after running the account. He announced his retirement, in a short and sweet tweet, signaling that he plans to leak no more:

“All good things must come to an end. Thank you for an amazing two years. [RETIREMENT].”

And in a subsequent interview, he explained the reasoning behind his decision, revealing that while he enjoyed doing what he did, he was not able to sufficiently monetize his Twitter account and the accompanying website. Then there was the case of his worsening disease, multiple sclerosis.

Evan has not outlined what he plans to do next, but one can wish him the best in whatever future venture he takes up. And his health.

His leaks, however, will be missed by the technology community — in particular the various Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone details that he so actively shared over the years.

So long Evan, and thanks for all the fish!

  • Mike Greenway


    • http://www.digitalsyrup.ca/ DigitalSyrup

      are you suggesting MS is payback for his leaks? Really?!

  • Sally Black

    How was evleaks getting his hands on this information in the first place? Was it through hacking or did he know someone? Either way, I don’t think it’s too ethical, so I’m not too upset that he’s retiring. Good luck to him with his disease though.