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Printing and scanning documents are regular activities for an office employee, or maybe even a home user.

Even Fax hasn’t become extinct yet. I remember myself running across a street to frantically find a cyber café with fax facility as I had to send a document to an organization that were hell bent on receiving the document through a fax copy only.

Yeah, it’s a strange world out there!

For those who own these machines at home, Windows does its best to facilitate these activities. You just need to connect them to your computer and configure them.

Most probably, Windows will do this automatically by finding the appropriate drivers from internet and installing them.

If Windows fails to find them, then you can manually add a device through its Devices and Printers applet of Control Panel. You may need this when you have a network printer or a fax server.

Windows Fax and Scan

Windows provides a program called Windows Fax and Scan to manage faxes and scanned document. You can send and receive fax documents through this program.

It also lets you scan documents through scanner. This application contains two views – Fax and Scan.

Fax View

It has a folder structure similar to a e-mail account – Inbox to manage received faxes, Sent to list sent faxes, Drafts to list saved faxes and Outbox for queued faxes.

It contains a tree pane to list the folders, a list pane that contains the faxes of the selected folder, and a preview pane to show the selected fax document.

You can send or receive a fax from this interface.

Scan View

This view manages the scanned documents in a folder hierarchy that you can customize.

Similar to Fax View, this view, too, contains a tree pane, list pane and a preview pane. Along with that, the toolbar presents you with the options to scan a new document, forward a scanned document through fax or e-mail, etc.

Sending a Fax

To be able to send and receive faxes, your computer must either be connected to a fax server, or have a phone line connected to a fax modem installed on your computer.

Using Windows Fax and Scan

  • Launch WFS by typing in “Windows Fax and Scan” in Start Screen.
  • Go to Fax View
  • Click on “New Fax”. This will open a window.

Enter the fax numbers of the recipients, attach the fax document, write a subject, write some description if required, and click “Send”. This will queue your fax in Outbox, and send it when the turn comes.

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Using Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer provides you quick access to the fax option. First, select the desired document. Then,

  • Ribbon bar > Share Tab > Fax


  • Right Click on document > Send to > Fax Recipient.
  • This will open the same New Fax window, with the difference that the fax document has already been attached.
  • Enter the fax numbers of the recipients, title and description. Click “Send”.

Using Print Menu of an Application

Here, you need to “print” the document in order to fax it. For example

    • Open a document in Microsoft Word. Select Print from File menu.
  • In the printer dropdown box, select “Fax”.
  • Click “Print”. This will open the “New Fax” window with the document attached.
  • Enter the fax numbers of the recipients, title and description. Click “Send”.

Receiving a Fax

Windows Fax and Scan can do this. Launch the application. After confirming the fax has been sent, click on “Receive a Fax Now” to receive the incoming fax.

Scan a Document

Again, Windows Fax and Scan can accomplish this very easily.

  • Put the desired document in the scanner.
  • Launch Windows Fax and Scan, and select “New Scan”.
  • In the New Scan dialog box, choose the desired profile from the Profile list– Documents for documents, Photo for images. The default settings for scanning a document, which you can use or change, are automatically displayed.
    To see how your document will appear when scanned, click Preview.
  • Click Scan.

Print a Document

Using Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer provides you quick access to the print option.

  • Select the desired document.
  • Ribbon bar > Share Tab > Print
  • This opens the print dialog for the default printer, where you can set the properties as you want.
  • Click Print.

Using Print Menu of an Application

  • Open the document.
  • File Menu > Print
  • Select the desired printer from the list. Set the properties as you want.
  • Click Print.
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  2. This fax and scan app freezes on me and I have only found it to be frustrating

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