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Microsoft may not be ready to provide us with any substantial details about Windows 9, but unofficial sources have started to step up now that development on the upcoming OS is underway.

These leaked details are courtesy of WZOR and Faikee — both reliable sources.

As far as rumors go, this is, without doubt, the most substantial batch we have had for Windows 9, with plenty of details about pricing, the Metro user interface, desktop, ARM build and the estimated launch time frame. All unofficial, of course, so take them at face value.

First up is the report that Microsoft is planning to offer Windows 9 as a free upgrade to users that purchase Windows 8.1 Update 2. This includes creation of new license keys.

Which the vanilla Windows 8 users could purchase at affordable prices to be eligible to upgrade to Windows 9 once it releases. Rather interesting pricing scheme, all things considered, but you can read up on the details at the link above.

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Next up is a big one. There are hints that users will get an option to completely disable the Metro environment in Windows 9. Even more interesting, if true.

Desktop is gone baby gone in the ARM flavor of Windows 9, but this is to be expected.

What is not to be expected is the fact that Microsoft is currently contemplating the removal of OneDrive from Windows 9 Enterprise. A rather sharp turn from the deep integration of the cloud powered storage solution in current Microsoft operating systems.

And finally, at least two preview versions of Windows 9 are expected, prior to the launch date, which is said to be on any springy morning in the second or third quarters of the year 2015.

Take a good look at all these rumors on the links above, and come back here to comment.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more! I’m not sure what the whole deal is with China and the Cloud technologies, but one thing I found really disturbing about the integration was that during installation Microsoft really wants you to sign-in or create a Windows Live ID. The way they obfuscate non-cloud services as you’d expect from a normal OS was really unsettling. Hopefully they don’t pull those shenanigans with Windows 9. Left a sour taste in my mouth seeing them do that stunt.

  2. All good news. Windows 9 seems to be trucking along the tracks. I look forward to hearing more as we move forward.

  3. I actually don’t like any of these changes outside of the non-Desktop ARM version. What if you’re a business who has no problem with the cloud integration? I really don’t get all the whining about wanting to disable Metro. I have an update 1 system. I’d never have to go to Metro if I didn’t want to. And to me, it’s stupid and a waste of money, if you’re a regular person willing to pay the price of the Enterprise version just to avoid cloud integration. You can already setup a user in 8.1 that doesn’t login with a Microsoft account.

  4. Boring.

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