The Windows Phone community got a few breaths of fresh air yesterday when it was reported via multiple channels that Microsoft had finished work on a bunch of user requested features.

Features like a dedicated file manager, flick to close applications, and the option to install apps on microSD cards were said to be incoming. All these are important new additions, and decidedly the rumors that they were to be added to Microsoft’s mobile platform brought with them a lot of hype.

However, it now appears that it was all an elaborate mistake.

These were actually mistakenly tagged as complete by an administrator as being completed on that particular website. Microsoft has now corrected the mistake, and these are now shown as unavailable for the mobile platform, as was previously the case.

So much for pleasant surprises, then!

The File Manager feature for Windows Phone 8 actually has more than 80,000 user votes, meaning there is definite interest among the community to see this feature on the mobile OS.

Microsoft is currently hard at work on Windows Phone 8.1, the next major version of its mobile operating platform. And while this latest development does not mean that one or all of these features will not be included at some point in time, it is merely an indication that they are not ready yet.

Windows Phone 8.1 (codenamed Windows Phone Blue) already comes with a host of improvements on the software side of things, and there is fair chances that Redmond may add these aforementioned features in a future version of the OS.

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  1. Get it done Microsoft

  2. Able to install apps onto SD card is a nice enhancement. Hopefully to my external hard disk too.

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