The final Update Tuesday cycle for the year is here, and the December 2014 patch releases fix a number of critical flaws in Microsoft products likes Windows and Internet Explorer.

They also nicely round off the total number of bulletins that Redmond has released this year to 85.

A total of seven security bulletins are available this month, three of which are considered Critical. And they started flying off the servers and landed on Windows powered machines late last night — via the Windows Update feature, obviously.

Internet Explorer and Office get a real good look this time around.

Both platforms received critical security fixes, which Microsoft recommends to be deployed as soon as possible. In case of the browser, the company has taken care of a remote code execution flaw, and in the process fixed a total of 14 privately reported vulnerabilities.

None of which have been traced in the wild.

As for the Office productivity suite, Redmond security experts came across two vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office Web Apps that, once again, allow an attacker to gain the same rights as the logged in user.

Along with these fixes, Internet Explorer users also get a new version of the Flash Player plugin that further fixes critical bugs in this particular software.

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