The reports are coming out that the latest build of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is locked and sealed away in the vault.

Super leaker Canouna is reporting that on Sunday, the final Windows 8 Consumer Preview build was uploaded to Microsoft Servers under the buildstring 8250.0.WINMAIN_WIN8BETA.120217-1520.

Reports are that the lastest Pre-RC build is 8288.0.winmain.120223-1751.

It’s almost here folks..

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  1. Thanks for the updates all that time, Turboclaus from the Nederlands, can’t wait to download it!

  2. Sunday ? Isn’t it supposed to be available for download tomorrow?

  3. Likewise…/ I am just wondering how long it will take to download though, as we are not blessed with the fastest of download speeds… just 1 Mb/s on a good day!

    And I have a feeling that the servers will be taking a bit of a hammering for the first day or so!

  4. Time goes by a lot slower while waiting for a loved one !

  5. @Ahmed Nefzaoui that means sunday it was uploaded to the servers

  6. ‘m ready

  7. I’m ready

  8. ready when u are….

  9. I look forward, I’m ready!

  10. 0 days
    0 hours
    25 minutes
    29 seconds

  11. Actually should have been released 40 minutes ago. 3:00 pm Barcelona Spain time. Probably have to wait til 3:00pm US time. Apparently it comes out in Spain first. The question is why Spain first seeing its a US product

  12. Blizz26 Brent Portsmouth NH / February 29, 2012 at 8:02 am /Reply

    Heres the link guys and its ready to download x32 and x64 in all languages:

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