Finally a Microsoft video I love!

Microsoft have released a new promotional video called Windows Everywhere that emphasizes the strength and diversity of the company. It’s pretty brilliant.

I like the fact that the video shows the strength and diversity of Microsoft products and from a quality standpoint, seems to be very well made.

Check it out below and let me know what you think?

Well, what do you think about the quality of the ad?

  • Chris Floyd

    I loved it!

    You’re right! Microsoft finally are getting their shit together!

  • pinpon03

    Love too simply the best so far

  • george_szubinski

    good start, but too short for me

  • Tomas

    Excellent ad… Strength of each product and integration of all in all. As I have said before, the name of the game for MS is integration.

  • Eli Bloomenson

    One more for the right column ! Shows definite improvement .

  • John Kirby

    Thank you for sending the INFO you are doing a great job


  • Mark Dornhecker

    Very well presented – should get Apple’s attention

  • TheRock Squirel

    Onuora I seem to have a problem with get the video clips to work from this webpage. I wonder what windows up date caused that now. Would anyone know? Great information site.

  • Andrew Prakken

    Excellent video, Could possibly have been a bit longer for online viewing, although if this is going to be shown on TV, there are time constraints no doubt.

  • Jerry Lehnert

    Neat video, but “Windows 9”; we haven’t gotten to Windows 8.1 yet?

  • stvnsam

    I love this one, but I have to say I love the ASUS Tablet version iPOD as well. Might even love it a bit more.

  • Edward Allen

    Right on track! Short and to the point! Well done, Microsoft!

  • stuart

    Makes a nice change.
    To the point clear and dicisive.

  • Sundar

    absolutely right. This is what customers want. But drawbacks in Windows phone leads users to adopt other platforms and then deviate to other computing devices.

    • Mike Carver

      I have a Windows phone and I love it. I switched from an iphone and would never go back.

  • Sergio Censullo

    Hits home, but MS needs to blitz, the media. Oh, and I am still waiting for a 7 in Surface RT that will run over the cheap android tabs and give consumer a good look at why their devices should be Windows. Hint: Enterprise.

  • mr. F.

    yea, better more to the point. I still don’t like the stupid cheezy looking tiles! Im sure im not the only one that dosnt want desktop and laptop looking like there freaking phone!

  • Edward Spadacene

    This is definitely a good start. Concise! To the point!
    I also felt it was a little too short. I want Microsoft to
    give me more reasons why I should go back to their
    system. Not because “it’s better than the alternatives.”
    I want to hear them say “Come back because now we
    have this, and this and that, for when you need to do this
    and that, and that.”

  • Gregory

    It is very good you do not even need sound to understand the advert it tells you by the action

  • Steve Norris

    Yep it all seems much better than Previous ones. When they finally release “Blue” the take-up on non-touch devices might be a lot better.

  • iBooa the First

    I find it interesting that they include glossyness and shadows in it. Isn’t that what they’re trying to escape from?