If you are one of the few users of Windows Phone 7.8, you probably are already aware that this generation of Microsoft’s mobile operating system has been deadened for a while now.

However, countless Windows Phone 8 users have been waiting for the first true refresh of their platform in the form of Windows Phone 8.1, that after many a delay has finally started rolling out worldwide. At least, all users of Nokia Lumia smartphones will now be getting this new build. Almost all.

But the big question is when?

While Microsoft maintains that all compatible handsets are set to receive update notifications in the coming weeks, Nokia have gone one step ahead, and detailed Lumia Cyan availability by region.

This special new page aims to provide some hints at when its Windows Phone 8 devices around the world will receive the notification for Windows Phone 8.1 and with it, the Lumia Cyan update.

Handsets are grouped handily by region and countries — from Africa to Asia Pacific, and Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and, of course, North America. They are further divided by unlocked and carrier specific models, each with the availability status of the update.

As you would imagine, most devices are currently listed as ‘Under testing’.

When this changes to ‘Available’ in your region, you will start getting update notifications, and will be able to download and install the newest firmware on your Lumia handset. A detailed breakdown would have been helpful, but probably out of the scope at the moment.

Still, better than nothing, as they say.

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  • Leonard

    Extremely helpful! Thanks. I continually wonder which Lumia advice is available where and if not how long until it is. Nice link.

  • Leroy26

    I love this. Didn’t know this existed before you posted. You said it’s new though, so I’m glad Microsoft/Nokia jumped on top of this and made different parts of the world know their options.