While fingerprint sensors on laptops were available long before the iPhone 5S popularized the concept, their adoption never really took off on these portable computers.

Sure, many flagship smartphones now come with this functionality, allowing owners of the device to gain access to the device simply using a touch of their hands. However, business notebooks like the ones manufactured by Fujitsu implemented the technology rather differently.

Instead of using capacitive touch modules that are found on mobile devices, fingerprint sensors on laptops, up until now, utilized scanners.

Meaning, users had to firmly swipe their fingers over the senor to authenticate.

No wonder, the technology never really took off.

But this is set to change.

A company called Synaptics has just announced a new touchpad that goes by the name of SecurePad. It comes with a technology that is built into the upper left corner of the touchpad on laptops, and uses capacitive touch that is now found on smartphones and tablets.

This technology is now available to OEMs and manufacturers can now use it to build more secure and reliable laptops and mobile devices.

No idea which device makers are going to pick the technology up, but one can imagine high end PC models will be among the first to bear this these new fingerprint sensors. Ultrabooks at first, and even some mainstream devices, if things pick up pace.

And with the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 just around the corner, we may even see some notebooks that feature the Synaptics SecurePad at the event next month.

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