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No surprises here! Windows 10 is now the operating system of choice for most Firefox users, but they don’t really care for the Microsoft Edge web browser.

These interesting statistics have been provided by Mozilla.

With the company confirming that Windows 10 managed to overtake Windows 7 in late October, and has in the process become the leading desktop OS for users of its browser. This is sure to be great news for Microsoft — the company has been keen on increasing adoption of its latest operating system.

Not such great news will be the fact that most users here don’t even care about Edge, the default browser bundled in Windows 10.

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Getting back to the operating system first, though, Windows 10 is now topping the charts with a 40.69% share of the Firefox userbase. Windows 7 follows closely behind with 40.40% and Windows 8.1 being very far behind with 7.28%.

Not all that surprising, to be honest.

What is more remarkable is that this userbase does not care about Microsoft Edge, with many choosing to ignore the default browser in the OS and switch to a third-party option.

More than 40% of Firefox users have moved beyond the native browser — no doubt the reason behind Edge only having around a 4% share of the market compared to more than 65% that Google Chrome has on desktop computers around the globe.

The fact that Microsoft is no rush to push updates for Edge is another factor, as improvements for the web browser only land alongside major feature updates for Windows 10.

Oh well.

At least, Windows 10 is now on a good trajectory.

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