In a perfect world we would have had seen the launch of the Modern UI version of Firefox by now. But even though Mozilla is the only other major browser company actively developing for the Metro environment, the development process itself has seen some delays.

Nevertheless, the company has officially confirmed earlier today that the Modern version of its browser would be called Firefox for Windows 8 Touch.

And it has also shown the world what the anticipated application looks like.

The name of the application showed up here on the official blog, while this new screenshot was published by the fine folks over at Neowin, revealing that the first thing that users would see after launching the Metro version of the popular web browser.

Since this is the premiere version of this touch optimized web browser, Mozilla is trying to ensure all users know how to access all features. As you can see in the image above, the first screen is filed with a whole bunch of instructions and tips.

What we still do not have is a concrete date — Mozilla is yet to announce when it is planning to launch Firefox for Windows 8 Touch. Some sources suggest that the previously marked January 2014 date is a go, while others reckon it will only be here in a couple of months.

But one thing is for sure that it will be offered free of charge from the Windows Store, and work on both desktops and tablets whenever it does arrive.

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  • pfizerdiamonds

    This is a good thing. I’ve heard good things about the Metro IE in Windows 8, but we have all come to expect browser choice with Windows. Hopefully Mozilla ups the ante for Metro browsers.

    • Robert Trance

      I find Metro IE 11 a very good browser, but i also really want an FF badly