It’s that time of the month again. Security and performance updates are flying day in and day out of Redmond, with the software titan recently releasing its regular monthly Patch Tuesday updates for the month of July.

Along with critical updates for Windows and Internet Explorer, Redmond also recently rolled out, what it calls a “Surface Pro firmware and driver pack” for its flagship tablet.

Initially it appeared that the company’s Windows RT powered slate was seemingly not called for duty in this new update cycle, but Microsoft has in fact released a new firmware update for Surface RT, aiming to fix some of the bugs found by users in the existing software version.

Microsoft’s Surface RT update history page shows that this new firmware packs system performance and reliability improvements, meaning a slightly enhanced experience will be offered by the tablet after deploying these new patches.

As is always the case, the new firmware update is being delivered via the integrated Windows Update option and no user interaction is required.

The technology titan, however, recommends users to fully and completely charge their tablets before applying this (and in fact, any) firmware update to ensure that they do not damage their device in case the battery is drained during installation.

Redmond obviously released seven different security bulletins, as part of its Patch Tuesday update cycle for July — six of which are marked as Critical.

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