Some people believe videos are worth a million words these days, so without any delay, we have the first ever Microsoft Edge video that details the new Windows 10 web browser.

More of an introduction, really, before the app becomes available for people to try.

Keener eyes among you may notice that this was the same video that Microsoft presented in its opening keynote at BUILD 2015, and it shows Edge in action — the main capabilities of the browser, including the annotation feature and Cortana, the personal digital assistant.

Give the clip a watch:

Edge, of course, replaces Internet Explorer, and is Microsoft’s big bet in the browser world, and goes up against Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when it launches later this year with Windows 10.

It is expected to be part of the next preview build of the operating system.

Hopefully web developers give this new solution the attention it deserves, and provide Microsoft with feedback during development so as to ensure maximum compatibility with the latest web technologies and design characteristics.

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  1. Great video, but they still need more people and companies who have big-time followings using their products. Work with hip-hop community. Sponsor a First Lady Obama event. Work with the WWE. Have someone get beat with a Surface or something

    • Great ideas, Ray! That’s the way to go about it, this is a brand new product after all, and the more exposure it gets in its first few months on the market, the better.

      • What Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand is that US consumers have basically become followers. Apple people are no longer the only sheep. People buy what other people have, mostly the people they see in the public eye. I’ve seen Surface on tv shows, where no one even said the word Surface. I don’t see their devices in rap videos or talk shows. Sponsor one of these house wives shows. Have Kanye West do a parody of himself about how great a Surface is. Come on guys

  2. Waiting release these features on new Microsoft browser and re-release BETTER on Chrome *.*

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