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The Microsoft Surface RT has certainly been making the headlines across the net recently. There have been quotes saying it is doing badly, there have been quotes saying it is doing great. There have also been some complaints about the keyboard cover splitting. Honestly though, these are all just parts of the “growing pains” associated with a new device to the market.

The Surface RT will continue to evolve and change over the course of the next few months and beyond. This is the same thing that happenes with any new product out to the market, even new generations of already established computer products.

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With that in mind, the first firmware update has arrived for Microsoft’s popular new tablet. The update isn’t very big at just 400kb but is supposed to bring several stability and performance improvements to the Surface RT specifically.
To get the update you need to simply go to “Windows Update”, it should be in the list. After fetching it, you will need to restart your tablet. While the firmware update is obviously aimed solely at the Surface, there are also said to be a few new updates for Windows RT as well. This includes security patches, too.

Have you updated your Microsoft Surface RT to the newest firmware? Was there noticeably anything different? From the sounds of it, the small file brings “under the hood changes” that we probably won’t be able to pinpoint out for sure. The good news is that it shows that Microsoft is taking a proactive role with continually modifying the firmware/software on the Surface to ensure it is as speedy and high-performing as possible.

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  1. I yet not thinking to update Microsoft Surface RT . . May be in near future

  2. After restarting, Surface RT screen remains black. The only sign of life is when I physically press the MicroSoft icon on the bottom center. It makes a little buzz sound.

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