First rough screenshot of Windows 8

Impossible to see anything clear from this so dont pay too much attention.

Engadget are reporting that this is the picture used in the demo earlier today that was a rough prototype of Windows 8 on ARM.

The version number is alleged to be  6.2.7867

Check out the full article here…

  • Phil

    Looks like shit…

  • Vernon

    Not something I would be proud to post as the first snapshot of ANYTHING.

    BTW…As for the name – “Windows 8” – how about calling it “Windows Infinity”. A little style change on the number, turn it on its side…Won’t look and sound so lame.

    • Sam

      there is only a 10% possibility of it being named as win 8….and “infinity” is a great name..

  • Ariasn1

    From what it looks like it shares an identical GUI with Windows 7

  • Sam

    nw im sure that it would be a flop like the vista….and also the gui is just same as win7….ican only see a small change in the start button thats all…from this view