First Video Of Cortana Voice Assistant On Windows Phone 8.1 Has Leaked

Leaks, these days! We truly are living in the age of information, and keeping things undercover for long, especially for technology companies, is not the easiest thing in the world.

Microsoft has tried to keep things quiet on (arguably) its biggest feature for Windows Phone 8.1, the long rumored Cortana voice assistant, but we have been treated to a sustained leak of information about what this anticipated feature will bring.

We even got a couple of screenshots yesterday that gave us our first look at the digital voice assistant.

And now a new video has leaked out that shows Cortana in action. The clip actually shows how users will be able to set up the voice assistant the first time they run it, including linking it with their Microsoft account and having it learn usage habits of the user.

Take a look at the clip below:

While we do get a good look at the intelligent learning capabilities of Cortana, the video does not show any vocal interaction between the user and the digital assistant.

We also do not get any idea of what Cortana will sound like.

Microsoft is widely expected to formally unveil this digital voice assistant at the BUILD developer conference next month alongside Windows Phone 8.1. Weeks and days, weeks and days!

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