Fans of the modern environment of Microsoft’s modern platform breathed a collective sigh of relief when VLC for Windows 8 landed on the Windows Store. It was long overdue.

Another port of the popular media playback application that has been even longer overdue is for the Windows Phone platform. And while we do know for a fact that such a project exists, that VideoLAN are deep into development of the mobile version, we are yet to see any visual hints.

Until now.

Those of you waiting for the VLC player to show up on Windows Phone 8 will be pleased to see this first screenshot of the app posted here. And it is just how you would have envisioned it.

This first image provides us our first glimpse at the user interface and how VLC Player will look on Windows powered smartphones. And although we have no time estimates on when this app will land on the Windows Phone Store, it is shaping up to be real slick.

Having said that, there is every chance that VLC Player lands on Windows RT first, and only then will the developers launch the Windows Phone version.

Either way, let’s just hope we do not have too long of a wait.

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  1. I guess we will see how this develops

  2. As you said, we need to hold out judgment until the Windows Phone version is released, but the screenshot looks awesome in my opinion. I just hope the picture quality will look like that while watching videos.

  3. Didn’t this come out last week? I remember reading an article about it, but I can’t remember if that was for the phone or surface. I think it was the surface, but it could’ve been a leaked phone version.

    • I think this was for the surface. It came out and had some problems and fixed it. It looks like the phone is a little behind the surface in terms of VLC.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I’m stoked for this to come to the windows phone. It looks like this is going to be a quality app.

  5. Arseny Mikhaylov / March 26, 2014 at 10:21 am /Reply

    I still was unable to get the Windows 8 (X86,X64) version to run on my laptop (installed it but it just isn’t playing any videos)
    so I’m not getting my hopes up to soon

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