Windows Phone 8 hasn’t been out long, but that’s not stopping the first OS update from preparing for launch. Originally known as Apollo+, it is now believed that the update will be announced February of 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona under the new name “Portico”.

What’s coming in the new update? We don’t know a lot, but you can expect several small pitches, bug fixes, performance improvements and perhaps even a new feature or two. The Verge also suggests we might see VPN support and enhancing Wi-Fi features that allow the phone to stay connected while in standby.

For those wondering what the heck a Portico is, it is basically an elaborate porch covering near a main entrance that protects the building and yet gives a sense of wealth and prosperity.

With that in mind, Portico is largely going to be about security and speed improvements, I’d wager. You might notice something else about the name Portico– it ends in an “O” like other Windows Phone updates such as NoDo, Mango, Tango and Apollo.
Is this a major update? No, it’s not a milestone. Likely its a smaller fix that might throw a few goodies into the mix at the same time.

As Windows Phone 8 currently stands, what do you think so far? Looking forward to an update or pretty happy with the way the OS runs right now?

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  • Michael A Stetz

    I’m so looking for a update hoping some of the “simple” droid features make it to windows phone, also compatibility with websites. the new IE has stripped a lot of functionality from the browser can we say FLASH