The reports of Microsoft officially dropping the Windows Phone and Nokia branding on mobile devices is not all that old, but the first Windows phone has already been sighted in the wild.

The first Windows phone, as in with just the “Windows” branding.

Although rumors have been circulating for a while now, it was only last week did we hear some further movement on the front, thanks to some leaked documents. An official confirmation might only arrive at the next Microsoft event — the one scheduled towards the very end of September.

However, a British hardware vendor is in no mood to wait.

A UK based company that goes by the name of My Go is gearing up to roll out their first Windows Phone smartphone, and herein lies the interesting bit. There is no Windows Phone logo on the back of the product. Instead, it has been replaced with a new “Windows” logo.

You can take a look at this image above.

This is, in all probability, the first device that will adhere to this simple new naming scheme Microsoft is going for. The phone itself is known as GoFone, and it comes with a 4.7-inch screen.

No idea when the device will hit store shelves, but the new branding scheme is looking more and more official with each passing moment. We should find out the full details at the September 30 event.

Just give it a couple more weeks.

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  • Yorker

    Nice get. This looks like a sleek piece of hardware. I’ll have to wait to see it in full, but I’m definitely encouraged right now.