There’s a thing called dedication, and Microsoft it seems, has it in spades. Take this specific instance for example, of the company working through the holidays to fix and test an updated firmware for its Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The story goes like this — Microsoft, last week, pulled the large December firmware update from automatic delivery because of some reported bugs and installation issues.

Redmond said that it was working on an updated package that would be made available for download after the holiday break. But keeping in view that quite a few users seem to be affected by this botched update, the company is gearing up to release the new firmware version before the holiday season ends.

Tom Hogg of Microsoft provided an update on the proceedings, saying:

“The UEFI firmware that we released in the December update prevents some devices from entering sleep mode (and other low power states) properly during periods of inactivity.

In order to release an updated version of the UEFI firmware we need to test the new version with the other drivers in the set to make sure we are not releasing yet another unknown state to customer machines.”

He further adds that the company is working through the holidays to deliver a fix for Surface Pro 2 owners that downloaded the original firmware update and are experiencing issues with their slates.

A break like this could have meant that the new firmware may have slipped a few extra days and only arrived with the January 2014 Patch Tuesday set of update.

But at least, the affected Surface Pro 2 owners have something to look forward to before that.

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