seems to have shut down

Fixing Windows 8 — a new site run (apparently run) by user interface designer and former Microsoft employee Michael Bibik Jr seems to have been shut down.

The URL seems to be going to a blank page at this point.

While this is just speculation, it does seem like the author or authors of the blog had no idea exactly how much media scrutiny they would attract by putting up their screw you Windows 8 blog.

The blog was launched March 3 with a rant highlighting some user interface issues Bibik identified within the first hour of using the operating system:

  • “Windows 8 just dumps you into the Start screen. No tutorial, no help icon on the main screen, nothing. This will be fixed by launch or Windows 8 will fail.”
  • “The new Windows Start button is invisible. Actually, they removed the Start button and left some dead space where it used to be.”
  • Metro apps do not have window controls. How does a user know how to exit a Metro app? They can’t minimize, they can’t maximize, they can’t exit. I’m pretty sure this is where 75% of first-time users will simply give up. This will be so frustrating, people won’t even try to fix it

Within days, some of the biggest blogs had linked to this blog and we can assume that the white hot heat of the media may have scared him off.

On the other hand, maybe he’s just getting new hosting. LOL.

I planned to follow up with the (presumed) author to figure out exactly what happened but his Twitter address seems to have gone as well.


  • Jony G

    Well I agree with the 3rd point lol…only because its better for PC users, seriously whats so hard about putting a little exit button on the top right of the screen?

    • Ray

      On tablet, you use the Home button or gesture to switch application. So no exit key is needed. On PC, it will be a different story.