Windows 8 is slowly and steadily getting key mobile apps left and right, with several large companies and services starting to port their solutions to Microsoft’s flagship operating platform.

Flipboard, as you may recall, was one of the apps that was first announced back in June. Microsoft’s BUILD conference in San Francisco, remember? Well, back then, the development team promised a release by the end of the year.

And now with Windows 8.1 out in the wild, and the year almost about to finish, it appears that the anticipated app is almost ready for launch.

In fact, an early version was reportedly installed on a Nokia tablet (Lumia 2520, what else) at the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

The Verge has found that Flipboard for Windows 8 comes with pretty much the exact feature set that is available on its iOS and Android apps. The Windows version, however, comes with a few exclusive options like pinning support on Microsoft’s modern operating system.

This should come in handy for users that want to add their feeds to their Start Screen.

The app, obviously, comes with full support for Windows RT, and by that token Microsoft Surface RT and Surface 2. What is not known, however, is whether it will be a Windows 8.1 exclusive, like a few of the more high profiles apps are recently.

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  1. The headline confused me, “Almost Ready For Prime Time” can mean two things. Coming soon or not quit good enough.

    • Yup, it could be both. 😉 Fresh app releases usually have a fair few bugs (or lack of features) that are fixed as time goes by. Twitter, Facebook on Windows 8 are examples, though to Facebook’s credit they updated the app almost instantly.

      I guess we can only tell for sure how good the Flipboard app is once it is released. Looking forward to it, it’s a handy and useful application.

      • Therefor to be fair, we can’t say that it not up to snuff (ready for prime time) until it is released. agreed?

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