Another key app is now almost available for Microsoft’s mobile platform. After a lengthy development process, Flipboard for Windows Phone finally landed on the Windows Phone Store.

Lengthy and finally, because it was more than a year ago that Microsoft confirmed its existence. Since then, while the Windows 8 port launched to pretty good reception, the Windows Phone flavor was nowhere to be seen. Or heard.

Surprising, because Flipboard apparently got it working for Windows on ARM.

You may have also noticed the word almost up there — and that is because while Flipboard for Windows Phone was made available for download on the Windows Phone Store earlier today, it was quickly taken down too.

As a company official explained, this was an early build:

“This is not the official release. That was an early, incomplete build staged on the store as a placeholder.”


Anyway, it is good that after initially missing the launch window by quite a bit, the company is finally getting ready to bring the app to Windows Phone.

Apparently users that wanted to install Flipboard for Windows Phone were surprised to find that it required 1GB of RAM minimum. More hilarity, when you consider some of the leading games on Windows Phone run with 512MB memory capacity, and countless handsets only offer this much.

Fingers crossed, these little issues are sorted out before release, which appears to be nearing.

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