In a recent article in Forbes, the author seems to be super confident about Microsoft and Intel’s outlook going forward.

It struck me as pretty upbeat in a sea of negative press about Microsoft and Windows 8.

Some quotes from the article:

Intel and Microsoft are — finally — doing all the right things. If anyone was ever going to wake up and provide Apple with legitimate competition, it was these two sleeping dogs. And their push should help weaker companies such as a whole slew of PC makers, Nokia (NOK) and Barnes & Noble (BKS), not only stay alive, but turn things around.


Intel has some new chips. Microsoft is about to hammer the market with a new operating system. Between the two, they’ll power a new generation of not only PCs, but, more importantly, ultrabooks, ultrabooks that double as tablets, tablets and smartphones.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Walt Mossberg at The Wall Street Journal: Windows 8 is the real deal. Clouded by Apple’s very real greatness, we often forget that Intel and Microsoft still dominate the computer market. That’s not going to change anytime soon. While Mac sales might be increasing, they pale in comparison to the PC’s market share. But Windows is no longer only about the PC. It’s inclusion in ultrabooks and mobile gadgets has barely begun.

Armed with the first truly cross-platform operating system from Microsoft and fresh chips from an obviously agitated Intel, the two companies will break Anroid’s mobile foothold and chip away at Apple’s tablet and smartphone market share around the world.

I think it’s an interesting article but a little too positive with no real balance.

You can read the article here.

What’s your take?

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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    that’s the rock’s eyebrow

  • Rex

    Mr Amobi, I have seen you write about very negative articles and never say there is any need for “balance”.  Personally, I think you yourself are quite negative about Win8 and therefore assume that is right and any other position requires balance.  Maybe I am wrong but that is what I think.

    I will be honest, I don’t think Windows 8 will be a great success, at least initially.  And I really like it.  I think it will go down in history as one of the most divisive, and hated OSes of all time.  However, I don’t think it matters.  The effects will be enormous, and MS and Intel are set to gain huge.  So I think Forbes is right.  The reason I say this is because even though Vista is renowned for being a terrible OS, it really in the end was not so bad (I used it for years and say it is oh so much better than XP), and the number of computers it was installed on still far outnumber iPads sold so far.  Think about it, in a full windows 8 ecosystem the same apps are on your computer, tablet and phone and when you go from one device to the next the data and settings are right there.  Now you have a level of mobility no other platform can compete with.  This is nothing less than game changing.  Watch this drive phone and tablet sales.  I will have both for sure.

    The next thing I notice, young people and less inclined people often like Windows 8 (my wife is not very good with computers, I installed it and intentionally didnt tell her anything.  she figured it all out herself and didnt complain at all) while the more tech savy people are less attracted.  Seems to me MS, is pulling an Apple move.  Where is the future?  MS is looking good.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Hi Rex,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      To your comments, I have written very negative articles about Windows 8 and very positive ones (like yesterday –

      It depends on what the topic is and what’s going on at the time.

      This is a massive undertaking from Microsoft and they have stumbled at times. A fanboy site would ignore those stumbles but I choose not to.

      I have an obligation to be brutally honest since I am an independent site.

      I don’t think Windows 8 will fail, I just think that big changes require change management and this will be a bumpy ride.

      Thanks again,


      • Rex

        I can respect that.  Your articles are always thought provoking which is why I come back all the time.  Doesn’t mean I think you should change your opinion, or that I need to agree with you all the time.  I believe you are among those calling for the return of the start menu.  Personally, I would see that as the death of what I believe is Microsoft’s larger plan.  Other than organizational issues, Metro is a pretty good solution that works pretty well with a keyboard and mouse if you give it a chance.  Not perfect, but not that far from ready for prime time either (if they make the right changes).  But while I may often disagree with you, your opinions are at least well thought out beyond many Mac sites that say that MS will fail just because they are MS and Win8 sucks for reasons that aren’t even very accurate.  So I will continue to read, and likely continue to voice my disagreement.  Other sites (including Win fanboy sites) aren’t worth my time.

        So long story short, keep up the good work.

        • Onuora Amobi

          Thanks Rex. I welcome all voices in the comments.

          I respect your views where you agree as well as where you don’t.

          Thanks for your time.