Microsoft’s hunt for new CEO promised a lot of thrills and spills, and already things have taken a turn for the interesting. The current top candidate for the cherished position has started featuring in the news rather frequently.

Ford leader Alan Mulally is reportedly the number one contender.

And even though the man himself recently insisted that he sees his future with the American carmaker, and wants to remain with the company until at least 2014, it seems that Ford’s directors had scheduled a meeting this past week to discuss Mulally’s future.

Bloomberg is reporting that the board met to set the matter straight, and see if they ought to start looking for a new CEO themselves. So far no major change in the upper management has been stated.

But there is speculation that Redmond is gearing up to meet with Alan Mulally and discuss things soon.

Nevertheless, as of right now, executive chairman Bill Ford, chief operating officer Mark Fields and Mulally himself have come out and outright denied a possible switch to the technology titan — all three explained that no leadership change is planned at the automobile maker until next year.

Obviously, Microsoft also considers former Nokia head Stephen Elop as one of the potential candidates for the CEO hot seat, along with a bunch of internal options.

Elop joined Redmond after it acquired the mobile division of the Finnish giant.

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