Microsoft may not have officially spilled the beans on this, not yet, but a number of credible sources have claimed that the company is planning to bring back the Start Menu in Windows in a future update.

Now it may arrive with the Spring GDR Update, or as part of Windows Threshold, but some people are wondering why it took Redmond so long to understand that this is a must-have feature.

Michael Mace is one such person.

Currently the CEO of Cera Technology, the former Apple executive did however admit that bringing the Start Menu back in a future Windows release is indeed a smart decision:

“I think reviving the Start menu in these configurations is smart; it makes it easier for current Windows users to move up to the new OS. That’s such a no-brainer that Microsoft should have done it in the first version of Windows 8. The question is not why they’re doing it but what took them so long.”

He also touched upon some other aspects of the business, and shared his views on the overall sales of Windows 8 saying that Microsoft does have very strong ties with most PC makers in the world.

This, Mace claims, is one of the main reasons why Windows 8 has managed the market share it has up until now as the new operating system comes preinstalled on a lot of computers.

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  • Ray C

    The start menu a must have feature coming from a person whose companies OS is more like Windows 8 than Windows 7.

  • Robert Trance

    I don’t see the need of a start menu comeback, siriously

  • Mike Greenway

    “Retired witch doctor believes apples grow on trees.” Just as relevant?