Former Nokia Boss Is The Perfect Choice For Microsoft CEO, Believes Analyst

Former Nokia Boss Is The Perfect Choice For Microsoft CEO, Believes Analyst

The search for the new Microsoft CEO has been quite a ride ever since Steve Ballmer made public his plans to retire from the post. But things have started to heat up even more these past few days.

While reports are now suggesting that the technology titan may bring Ford leader Alan Mulally on board, there are many that still believe that Redmond should look inside for its next CEO. Analysts and technology experts are of the view that the man for the job has already joined Microsoft.

Stephen Elop, the celebrated Nokia CEO has now returned to Microsoft as part of the acquisition

And according to Kevin Walkush, he is the perfect choice for this important job. Kevin, an analyst at Jensen Investment Management, which owns Microsoft shares, talking to SCMP said:

“People are looking for Microsoft to go through some dramatic change. He has a very good understanding of what happens at Microsoft and he has made hard decisions in the face of big challenges. It’s a pretty strong combination.”

Strong combination, indeed!

The crux of what Walkush is claiming is that Elop possess all that is needed for Microsoft’s future success as a devices and services firm — he has previously worked for the software giant, but also comes with fresh ideas from outside the company after his time at Nokia.

Either way, insider sources believe that Microsoft will announce Steve Ballmer’s successor before the year is out. So expect to read a whole lot on this matter in the next couple of months.