We have the preliminary details of Update Tuesday September 2014, and this time around Microsoft aims to keep things nice and simple. Only one Critical bulletin, and three Important are incoming.

The four bulletins will go live the second Tuesday of the month, September 9.

Redmond announced the advance notification, and although full details have been kept under wraps for security reasons, all Windows and Internet Explorer versions are part of this new rollout — all versions of Windows this side of Windows XP, that is.

Among the other affected software is the .NET Framework and Lync Server.

On the Important bulletins side, we have either Denial of Service problems or Elevation of Privilege, while the Critical patch address a lethal Remote Code Execution issue. System restarts may be required in most cases after deploying these patches.

As happens with every single Update Tuesday release, Microsoft will release these patches via the integrated Windows Update option for unattended installation.

Soon after, the company will also provide users with a dedicated ISO containing only the Windows fixes allowing system administrators the ability to update the computers without the need of an Internet connection.

Corporate world.

We can also expect new refreshes for the Surface tablet firmware around this time, along with the usual updates to the default Windows 8 apps. More information as it arrives.

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  • CaraMa

    Nice information. Seems like a crowded month for Microsoft! A lot going on!