At the recent BUILD Conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that newly-released Windows 8 sold 4 million copies within four days of its October 26,  2012 launch.

At first blush, this is a great number and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.  However, it is worth remembering that Apple sold 3 million iPads (with iOS) recently in the 3 days following the iPad Mini’s launch.

Given that Microsoft dominates the OS arena across all devices by a ratio of  9-1, we can therefore be a little more circumspect.

Are Microsoft’s numbers good?  Absolutely.  Will they be good enough to establish a significant beachhead in the tablet market?  That is yet to be determined.

In Ballmer’s speech, he predicted fast growth in Windows 8 adopters.

“Ballmer said that there are currently 670 million PCs running Windows 7,” writes Jay Greene of CNET, and each computer can be upgraded to version 8. Greene explains analysts predict 400 million PCs will sell in 2013, and most of the computers will have Windows 8 preinstalled.

What do you think?  Is Microsoft off to a running start with Windows 8?

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