A few moons back, Foursquare released a brand new application for its mobile users going by the name of Swarm, which provided users with check-in capabilities.

Initially available on Android and iOS, the company promised a Windows Phone port in the near future.

Well, that near future is here now, and mobile users can now try out Swarm for Windows Phone 8.1 on their devices, as the official application is now available on the Windows Phone Store. Microsoft even took time out to announce the news.

In the words of Brandon LeBlanc:

“Having been able to try out Swarm myself over the last few weeks on my Windows Phone device, I think there are a couple of things people will enjoy about it. First off – right when you open the Swarm app you can see all your friends nearby. I love this.

And this makes it really easy to find friends to meet up with. Second – checking it is easier and faster than ever. When you check-in, you can tag and check in your friends. And third – it is also really easy to message your nearby friends and see if they want to hang out later.”

He also explains that Foursquare realized that when people opened the official app, they were doing only one of these two things. Either they were socializing with their friends or discovering new places. The company therefore decided to separate these two and release dedicated clients for both.

And just for the record, an updated Foursquare app will also be made available in the coming months for Windows and Windows Phone.

The official Swarm for Windows Phone app can be downloaded here.

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