Fujitsu’s President Masami Yamamoto told reporters Thursday that slumping sales of its PCs are being caused by slow demand for Windows 8.

Windows 8 was launched in October, but there have several reports of weak sales numbers and statistics showing that few tablet buyers are opting for Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 tablets.


Windows 8 Captures 2.3% of Windows Traffic 48 days Out


Yamamoto described demand for Windows 8 as “weak” and indicated that Europe’s continuing economic problems and their sovereign debt crisis would continue to depress demand across the continent.

The NPD group earlier described Windows 8 getting a slower start four weeks after its release than the same 4-week period the prior year.  Demand for desktop PCs ad notebooks is also being depressed – permanently most analysts say – by the burgeoning market for tablets and smartphones.

Bloomberg quoted Yoshihisa Toyosaki, a Tokyo-based analyst at Architect Grand Design;

“We can’t be optimistic about the PC industry, he said.   PC makers’ bet on Windows 8 has failed, as cheaper tablet computers are taking away customers.”

Yamamoto says Fujitsu will not discount prices to sustain sales, but in the era of sub-$100 white-box tablets from China, it is hard to see how sales can rebound if you are not Apple, Samsung or Google (and hopefully Microsoft).

Bloomberg: Windows 8 Sales Were Weak, Market Has Shifted

 Winsupersite also reports that Microsoft has not met its own internal projections for Windows 8 sales.  However, it seems to be holding PC makers responsible.  They are reportedly talking about “inability to deliver” on the part of their hardware partners, but personally, that is blame shifting.

The reality is that for businesses, Windows 7 is still in the deployment stage and most businesses are not even thinking about Windows 8, other than in limited test deployments for mobile workers.  Even here though, Microsoft is late into a market that iPads, iPhones and Android-based devices have already penetrated.

Eventually, we will get real sales numbers for Windows 8 from the horse’s mouth – Microsoft.  But don’t expect any surprise, the numbers will likely disappoint.  Especially if we can away from the “OSs shipped” nonsense to the numbers actually purchased.

So who you think is to blame for Windows 8 weak start?  PC makers like Fujitsu or Microsoft?

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