Funny Windows 8 Video – System Admin reacts in surprise to Windows 8

This Windows 8 Video is pretty hilarious.

Hat tip to my cousin Efosa who sent this to me..

It basically shows the reaction of a Sysadmin who is surprised by his co-workers when they slip a Windows 8 install onto his desktop.

I laughed my ass off.

FYI it does have a little profanity so not quite SFW.

  • Handa

    In the beginning, I kinda understood why people wouldn’t want this new startscreen for business use. But then I tried to remember when I last used the start menu, and I must say: I can’t remember the last time I opened the start menu to open a program! I simply don’t use it. I either have the programs pinned to the taskbar, on the desktop or i simply find the .psd file in explorer if I wan’t to open it. Simple…

    Maybe it’s just me?When was the last time you used your start menu?